Hello, my name is Katka, and I recently completed training in both classic regenerative and tantric massages. Massages have always captivated me with their unique ability to benefit both the masseuse and the recipient. Through compassion, simple massage strokes, and a mindful touch, we both enter into a meditative state of awareness during the massage, allowing the body to rest and digest, and the mind to slow down or even halt its regular train of thoughts.

In my approach, a tantric massage is as gentle as the touch of silk on the skin, as sweet as the scent of a rose, and as kind as a hug from a kindred spirit. During the massage, my purely feminine essence is prominently manifested, complementing and softening the masculine polarity.

I have a big heart; the elegance of graceful movements comes naturally to me, and I can effortlessly create an atmosphere of hospitality where you will feel safe to let your guard down and, if only for a moment, remove your social masks.

I bring my unique charm and delicate touches into my tantric massages, using my hands and occasionally my body. I follow the rhythm of your breath and sense the response of your body, while you follow the dance of my soft hands on your skin, from head to toe.

I will guide you through the best that a tantric massage has to offer; from a stress-relieving head massage to a delightful holistic massage, culminating in an overwhelming experience of full-body bliss. I will help you discover the hidden fountain of youth and strength within you.

I look forward to our meeting and sharing unforgettable experiences with you!

PS: I love crest trail walks, smelling the lillies and fair trade prosecco.