Geisha massage studio respects your privacy and as a matter of principle, doesn't provide third parties with any sensitive information. 

Respect to a massage therapist

In the course of tantra massage session, it is out of question to pay extra for sexual services. Guiding sexuality and awakening sexual energy flow ≠ sex. If you happen to be too pushy, massage therapist may discontinue the session, without the right for refund. 

Respect to a client

Massage therapist respects your boundaries. If you are not satisfied with development of massage, you may discontinue the session and pay only for the time passed.


Massages are carried out only by trained and certified massage therapists. They are also knoledgeable in anatomy, physiology and will determine potential contraindication.


Massage is performed using hands, partialy using body and is unreservedly one way (massage therapist → client).


Empathetic, non-violent communication may prevent many misunderstanding and break the ice. I suggest that you enter in an appointment without expectations and with pure intentions.