What our clients have to say

Frank V.

"I have been studying tantra and receiving tantra massages for many years. The session Elis offers is one of the best I have ever tried: she welcomed me in a very cozy place with her smile and kindness. She is a real tantra professional and she made sure I understood what the session goal was. After a brief chat, I experienced her tantra massage that relaxed me and at the same time made me feel very energetic. Overall a great experience and I am looking forward to the next one. Very recommended!"  

28.10. 2022 Prague

Razvan A.

"It was indeed relaxing session. Elis is extraordinary with phenomenal eyes, hands of a goddess and body of a devil. I also really liked the way I was treated. Her calmness and patience are hard to find in people today."

4.8. 2022 Prague

Martin O.

„One of the best tantra massage in Prague. From hectic world, two hours in the world, where noone asks you anything, in fact, the contrary. My head turnded-off. Likeable, engaging and ever-smiling Elis, who does it because she loves it, not because she has to. Everything flows as it is supposed to...“

7. 5. 2021 Prague 

Jan M.

„Elis is vivacious and sensual massage therapist, who knows where to touch and with what intensity. Obviously she enjoys doing her job. She is lavish in smiles and she can handle intimity very naturally during session. Time at massage with her does broaden one's horizon with new perceptions and you easily forget about the time, which is usually even topped. Massage in Elis rendition was pleasingly exciting, soothing and relieving at the same time. I definitely recommend!" 

21. 1. 2021 Prague

Šimon K.

„Every moment, when I have the chance to stop and rest, is important and rare. To breath in, brech out, close my eyes and feel safe. This is what describes tantra massage from Elis. Soft, gentle and caring. But also dynamic and awakening. Relax for both body and soul. I love to come back to oasis of peace, to island in the rough sea of work days, for extraordinary enjoyment. Thank you, and see you soon. Namasté.“

4. 1. 2021 Prague

Lukáš K.

„Beautiful, clean and private atmosphere lit by candles, with relaxing music helps to completely relieve. I relished every second with unbelievably sympathetic Elis. She patiently explains everything to newbies and conversation fluently flows until words are unnecessary. One of few massage therapists, which looks much better in real life, than in photos. She enjoys her work and you will enjoy glancing at her curves. Breath-taking experience which I will be happy to repeat.“

2. 1. 2021 Prague

Michal Š.

‚‚I visited Geisha massage studio few times, and I was always  very satisfied. Elis is beautiful,sympathetic and very professional massage therapist. I appreciate, that she is more like guide throughout the massage than just masseuse. She strives to make herr guest rest and leave the stress behind the door and she will do her best to achieve that. Whether it be kind smile, casual conversation, or massage itself, which she can handle with precision. She know where to push where to be more gente, she in not hurry and doesn't do a sloppy job. If you surrender to her care, you will be able to relax completely and not to think at all.“

28. 12. 2020 Prague