Get to know me


My name is Elishka and I am professional tantra massage therapist. I have been pursuing massage practice since 2016 and I have many satisfied customers across the Europe countries.

I am thoughtful freethinker and empathetic old soul. I approach massage practice with kind heart, benign humbleness and firm purpose.

My philosophy is to either go all in or go all out - I dedicate 100% of my attention, energy and skill to each massage. I like to inovate, therefore there is no need to be worried that regular tantra massage session visits would get you bored.

I will welcome you with smile and sparkle in my eye and we will discuss the content of session while having a healthy refreshment. Massage in my rendition is both tender and passionate, intense but also relaxing. It is sensual here and cuddly there, but above it all, dynamic and variable. It churns up originative sexual energy, strengthens internal sensing and promotes perception of one's own body.

I will make sure, that you rest in my hands, in order to collect the strength and motivation to face up challenges of next day.

Break the mundane stereotype and accept my invitation to the realm without prejudices, expectations and demands, where you don't have to do anything, where you can allow yourself to be who you truly are, as when nobody is watching.

I enjoy giving massage and you will enjoy receiving it even more. Discover the playful corner of your personality and dust off the desire to explore with me at tantric massage session. 

If you are looking for skillful, charismatic tantra massage therapist with inexhaustible dose of zest for life and optimism, I will be happy if you contact me to make a booking. 

PS: I love rosé wine, a scent of spring rain and decent, genuine people.

Online booking

Book your time in the oasis of peace in Prague downtown. Booking is valid once you received text confirmation from my side.