Sensual holistic massage

Tantra massage is like a pilgrim's journey - you will find whatever it is you are looking for, and if you let yourself be guided by intuition, maybe even something more. Especially here, an old saying can be applied: The journey is the destination. That being said, benefits of tantra massage is different for each person. For someone, it is way to get our of their head and return to sense their body more. For someone else, it's a practice of acheiving heightened state of minds trough whole body orgasm and yet for someone else, it's way to replenish certain quality of intimate touch. 

Main purpose, for which tantra massage is sought-after is deep relaxation. It represents certain type of meditation - meditation of senses, since it enables you to focus utterly on your breath and body sensations. By using contrasting techniques, such as gentle strokes, back-scratch, deep tissue back massage, long draw, body to body touch, but also acupressure and feet massage, it comes about employing all your five senses and attention is shifted from loud problem solving brain and intrusive thoughts to body sensations and intuition. 

Tantra massage can be also way of personal growth. Surrendering to present moment and laying all your expectations aside enables you to cultivate your hidden potential by ruining all the dysfunctional behavioral patterns. It leads you to erase the borders and draw a new line little bit further away. Tantra teaches how your body and mind reacts to stimuli and shows, that its completely natural and fine the way it is.

It would be an error not to mention healing benefits of tantra massage treatment. Inducing state of deep relaxation tunes your nervous system into recovery mode, by which it activates self-restoring biological processes. Meridian paths clearance and kneading muscle tension away can lead to release of repressed emotions and clears your vision.

What is the difference between erotic and tantra massage?

Tantric massage

  • is focused on developing the ability to be happy about little things , to experience delight and bliss based on subtle and delicate perceptions
  • develops perceptivness, mindfullness and increase sensitivity
  • climax is more like by product of deep relaxation of body and mind, sign of readiness for this kind of experience
  • emphasis on massage skills and propre fullbody massage with focus on problematic parts, highly sensitive zones and intimate area
  • gentle, goal-directed massage of intimate areas, with openess to feedback
  • indepth knowledge of humans body
  • positive effects of massage lingers minimum for a week
  • personal approach, therapy by sharing, honest interest in client and his purpose
  • returns a person back to himself/herself, back to his/her true self and inner truth, reconnects to one's intuition.

Erotic massage

  • is focused on physical pleasure
  • strengthens  and promotes craving and hedonism ("I want more and more, but never feel fully satisfied")
  • is shallow and and its main goal is to reach an orgasm
  • massage may contain mutual satisfaction
  • oftentimes erotic massage is about spreading the oil without deeper knowledge of massage-therapeutical skills
  • quickly leads to climax, in worst case - mindless jerkoff
  • unfamiliarity of anatomy and physiology and potential contraindication
  • pleasant feeling after massage quickly fades away
  • impersonal approach to client, treating the client as ATM
  • ambience of massage room often resembles that of 90s brothels
  • it is another type of distractiion, may represent escape from some part of ones self or from relationship issues do I know all this? From experiences and sometimes deterrent telling of my clients.

Deep relaxation and sensual meditation

Personal growth and rediscovering own body

Healing soft touch